Friday, October 30, 2009

Vilela Bridge

Rota do Românico No. 8

Ponte de Vilela

Dificult to date, this bridge may have been built at the time when the traffic grew in the Sousa Valley, creating the need to cross the natural obstacle that was the Sousa River. The Vilila Bridge is composed of four perfect arches. These arches are supported by three blind piers, reinforced with triangular cutwaters upstream and quadrangular ones downstream.

Name: Vilela Bridge
Type: Bridge
Classification: pending classification
Style: Methodology constructive medieval
State of Conservation: Good
Time of Visit: Guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays from 10h to 13h, by appointment. Minimum visitors: 10.
Price of Admission: Free

For explanation on Portuguese please visit official site of Romans ways:
Phone: 255 810 706 / 918 116 488
Fax: 255 810 709

Location: Place of Vilela, neighborhood Aveleda, Lousada, Oporto, Portugal

How to get there:

If approaching from the north of Portugal through the A28 (Road/Oporto), the A3 (Valença /Oporto) or A7 (Sabrosa /Oporto), follow directions to Felgueiras A11 (Esposende/Oporto) and then in Paços de Ferreira on the A42. Exit in Alvarenga /Lousada and follow the signs to RRVS that will take you to the Vilela Bridge, turning left at the Church of Aveleda.
If coming from downtown or south of the country by the A1 (Lisbon-Oporto) or the A29 (Estarreja/VN Gaia) in Oporto between crossing the river Douro through the bridge of the Ash.
From Oporto you may go for A4/IP4 (Vila Real) then following the A11 (Felgueiras) and A42 (Oporto) and exit to Alvarenga/Lousada. If you choose the A41/A42 (Oporto) exit also Alvarenga.
If you are already in the town of Lousada take the direction of the road Felgueiras N207 following signs of RRVS until Ponte de Vilela passing the Church of Aveleda.

Geographic Coordinates: Lat: 41 ° 16 '9016 "N / Long: 8 ° 14' 53,899" W

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