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St. Savior of Unhão Church

Rota do Românico No.3

Igreja São Salvadorde Unhão

Consecrated in 1165 by the arcbishop of Braga, Sir João Peculiar, it was only finished in the first half of the 13th century and quite altered in the 18th century. It is a valuable testimony of the Portuguese architeture. The main part, of the finest quality, featured a set of botanically inspired capitals considered among the best carved of all Romanesque in the North of Portugal.

- Name:St. Savior of Unhão Church
- Type: Church / Monastery
- Classification: Property of Public Interest from 1950
- Style: Romanesque
- State of Conservation: Good
- Feast of the Patron: Divine Savior - 1. No end-of-week of August
- Time of Worship: Saturday at 18h in winter and to 19h in the summer, Sunday and holidays at 8am.
- Time of Visit: By appointment
- Price of Admission: Free

- For explanation on Portuguese please visit official site of Romans ways:
Phone: 255 810 706 / 918 116 488
Fax: 255 810 709

- Location: Place of the Church, the parish of Unhão, Felgueiras, Oporto, Portugal.

- How to get there:
If approaching from the north of Portugal through the A28 (Road/ Oporto), the A3 (Valença /Oporto) or A7 (Sabrosa / Oporto), follow directions to Felgueiras A11 (Esposende / Oporto). Exit on Felgueiras (N207), and then towards Longra / Lousada to find the signs indicating the Church of Unhão.
If coming from downtown or south of the country by the A1 (Lisbon-Porto) or the A29 (Estarreja / VN Gaia) in Oporto between crossing the river Douro through the bridge of the Ash.
From the Oporto may go for A4/IP4 (Vila Real), then follow the A11 (Felgueiras) and A42 (Lousada) to release Alvarenga / Lousada. If you choose the A41/A42 (Oporto) exit also Alvarenga. Then head towards Felgueiras (N207) until you find the identifier of the Church of Unhão.
If you are already in the city of Felgueiras, follow the direction of Lousada through roads 2 and N207-N207.

- Geographic Coordinates: Lat: 41 ° 18 '43,701 "N / Long: 8 ° 14' 11,564" W

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